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–   Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
–   Satin pillow cases (most pillow cases are cotton and it is a very absorbent material so it can take away moisture from the extension hair and can cause breakage areas).


–   Protein
–   Keratin
–   Silicone
–   Sulfates
–   Oil bases


–   Brush scalp area 2-3 times daily.
–   Shampoo the hair at least twice a week.
–   Preform a weekly deep conditioning treatment at home.
–   Never go to bed with the hair wet.
–   Stay away from protein-based as well as silicone-based products on the extension hair.
–   Volumizing styling products may be used on the “free zone” only. You should never use volumizing shampoos or conditioners on the extension hair.
–   Always keep conditioners and products away from the attachment area to reduce slippage and product build up.
–   Wetness promotes matting. If you are someone that likes to wear the extensions natural & lets them air-dry, please keep this in mind as you may have to pay extra attention and brush more often.


***IMPORTANT*** Do not use a protein-based mask. Adding too much protein to the extension hair will cause it to keratinize and breakage will occur. The purpose of the conditioning treatment is to add moisture back into the hair not protein.


  • You can perform this treatment once to twice a week depending on the condition and dryness of the hair. You will be using this treatment in place of your daily conditioner.

  • Wash hair with a moisturizing shampoo as per usual.

  • pply the deep conditioning product beginning from mid-shaft and moving towards the ends of your hair. If necessary, use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute.

  • Allow the product to set in at least 10 minutes or longer (depending on the specific product instructions).

  • Apply heat using a blow dryer according to the product’s specific instructions.

  • Rinse the hair with cool water. Then towel dry gently.

***It is recommended that you wait a few days before shampooing the extension hair after a deep conditioning treatment to avoid stripping the hair of its moisture.


–   Always use low to medium heat
–   If you can, allow the hair to air-dry for a little while before you perform the blow-dry process
–   You will need: 5 clips, a wide tooth comb, extension brush (or a ceramic round brush), and a blow dryer.

1) Spray the hair with your favorite smoothing spray. Comb wet hair with wide tooth comb, working your way from ends to the scalp. This helps remove tangles while putting the least amount of tension on the attachment area.
2) Once the entire head has been combed through, you are going to divide the hair into 4 sections/layers. Starting at the nape of the neck, take a 2-inch thick section all the way across the back of the head and clip away. Continue up the head and follow through to the sides until you have 5 sections.
3) Start with Section #1 and brush each section at the root area thoroughly. Make sure to keep sections separated after brushing for the blow-dry.
4) Now you will start your blow-dry by beginning again with Section #1. You are going to start with the root area first. Once you have the roots dry you are going to use your brush and blow-dry each section by angling the nozzle of the blow dryer in the downward direction while brushing simultaneously. It helps if you have a concentrator attachment for your blow dryer, if not it’s no big deal. By brushing and blow-drying simultaneously it helps to blend the attachment hair to the natural hair and gives it a more natural look by helping it not look to “piecey/ropey”. It also helps to direct the air and helps you perform a much more sufficient blow-dry.


1) You will use the same sectioning method as you did for your blow-dry.
2) Place the flat iron on the hair and as you slide it down the hair tilt it to a 45° angle. This will give you a tiny bit of a “bump” or roundness to help bring out the layers and helps give the natural appearance.

**It is recommended that you use a professional iron with a temperature dial. It is best to keep under 400°F to keep the integrity and health of the hair. The ideal iron is one with titanium plating such as the Croc or U Smooth irons.


–  You can use a 1″ or 1.5″ barrel curling iron or curling tong.

1) You will use the same sectioning method as you did for your blow-dry.
2) You have the option of using the curling iron in the usual method or you can wrap the hair around the outside of the barrel and that will give the curls a looser effect.

***DO NOT spray the hair with hairspray before curling! Hairspray has alcohol and can be damaging to the extensions when heat is added. If needed, you can spray after the hair is curled with a lightweight or flexible spray.***

–  You can also use curlers or steam curlers as well.


Do not use oil-based products, always use water dissolvable products. Oil based products will keep the hair in a wet condition and can cause matting. Oil based products attract a lot of dust and dirt which will make the hair less smooth and feel dry.


Shampoo at least two times per week. Never wash, brush or dry the hair upside down. Before washing, brush out all tangles with the PERFECTRESS® Flat Bristle Brush. Do not use a brush with only plastic or steel pins. Always start brushing or combing at the ends, working your way up to the roots.

Wet the hair thoroughly, then dispense a small amount of shampoo into your hand and rub your hands together. Apply the shampoo evenly on the scalp and at the roots. Gently wash the scalp using your fingertips without rubbing the hair. Rinse thoroughly while squeezing the hair to remove all shampoo residue. If the shampoo does not foam the first time, don’t apply more shampoo but continue washing as normal. After rinsing simple re-apply the shampoo for a second time. There is no need to apply a lot of shampoo to the hair. This will get cleaned when you rinse the hair out (unless extremely dirty).


PERFECTRESS® Pure Virgin human hair is of absolute top quality. When taken out of its packaging the hair can appear flattened due to transportation. To get the soft and playful texture back it is recommended to wash, condition and dry the hair before you install it.

Curly and deep curly textures are not recommended to be brushed while the hair is dry unless you are going to wash the hair. The reason for this is that when you brush deep curl(y) textures you separate the curls, and this results in a dry and frizzy look.

After you have washed the hair you can apply small amounts of leave-in conditioner, or your favorite styling product, comb through with your fingers into the direction you would like your hair to fall and scrunch it upwards once more. After you have done this leave the hair to dry completely without touching, combing or brushing it. This will give you the best natural result. Let it dry naturally or use your favorite styling equipment. Use leave-in conditioners only at the ends!!!!

Use your fingers to separate curls until you have reached the desired fullness. When you wake up in the morning and some curls are separated too much or flattened, just wet the hair with your hands and scrunch the curls back into shape. Again, let them dry completely before finishing the style.

After washing you may use a conditioner, however, apply conditioner from the ends to halfway up the length. Never at the roots. Comb the conditioner through using a large wide tooth comb until all tangles are removed. Rinse thoroughly to leave no residue in the hair. Towel dry the hair by squeezing it with the towel. Don’t rub or massage the hair.


Braid the hair in a large loose braid at the nape of the neck before going to sleep. Do not sleep with wet hair, this will cause tangling and will make it difficult to style the next morning.


You can use a ceramic straightening iron or a hair dryer with a bristle brush to smooth the hair. Other styling tools that can be used are: Heated Rollers, Steam Rollers, Curling Irons, Hot Air Curling Tongs and Setting Rollers. NEVER USE HOT STYLING EQUIPMENT THAT EXCEEDS 392°F. Temperatures above this can damage the protein in the hair causing it to solidify and make the hair dry and unmanageable. Always keep hot styling equipment moving through the hair and do not hold for too long in one place. We don’t recommend using straightening irons on wet hair.

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