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Transformation Connections - Clearance

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Perfectress Transformation Connections – where innovation meets efficiency in hair extensions. Our revolutionary aluminum alloy rings are seamlessly covered in 360 degrees of hair, providing optimal protection for your clients' natural tresses using no glue or adhesives. The bead can be opened and closed up to 3 times after the initial install for repeated use. 


Experience a transformation like never before as installation time is cut in half with Transformation Connections.


Number of Connections per pack: 25


Recommended number of packs for full install

Length: 6-8

Volume: 2-4



SMALLS                            MEDIUM                                     LARGE

14" Small: 10g                   14" Medium: 17g                      14" Large: 20g

18" Small: 12g                   18" Medium: 20g                      18" Large: 24g

22" Small: 15g                   22" Medium: 25g                      22" Large: 30g


*1 Year Warranty Is Only Valid For Certified Stylists With Proper Tools - Coloring the extensions will void any warranty.*